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When you are buying toys for your children for the holidays or for birthdays, you should consider educational toys that promote a better understanding of science. The world needs more scientists, so a parent can stimulate a child’s interest in a variety of sciences, and these are some of the best toys for helping your child learn.

Toy 1: Telescopes that work with Computer Screens

Telescopes that work with computer screens are one of the newest ways for children to look at the stars and planets. This type of telescope connects to a computer’s USB port, and it has a digital camera that records the images in the sky so that your child can see the constellations and planets on her computer screen. It is possible to change the power of the telescope to see images that are farther away.

2: Geodes that Your Child can Break Open

If you want to encourage an interest in geology, then you can order geodes from online companies. A geode kit will have tools to help with opening the geode so that a child can see the minerals that line the cavity of the item. The crystals will have interesting colors or shapes that your child can learn more about with an internet search.

3: Simple Machine Kits for a Variety of Ages

You can find an assortment of simple machine kits for children of different ages. There are simple machine toys for toddlers, and these items may have brightly colored blocks or other shapes that a child can manipulate with her hands. As your child gets older, you can find complex simple machine toys that are made by the Lego Group Company or by K’NEX Industries Inc.

4: Human or Animal Anatomy Kits

When you want your child to learn about the anatomy of animals or humans, you can buy kits that contain plastic parts that represent bones and organs. These types of kits can teach your child about the bodies of humans and animals to encourage her to explore a career in a medical field such as registered nursing or veterinary science.

5: Engineering Laboratory Kits

If you have a child who is fascinating with robots, then consider an engineering laboratory kit that focuses on the science of robotics. Robots are the newest trends for transportation, manufacturing and health care, so this is a field of science that offers a career future for your child.

6: Kits that Contain Moth or Butterfly Cocoons

Scientists are still learning new information about insects, so you can encourage an interest in entomology. You can order kits online that contain butterfly or moth cocoons so that your child can observe how the insects develop in the cocoons and exits from the cocoons. This kit will contain a notebook so that your child can write down his scientific observations in the same way that a real entomologist does.

7: Matching and Number Toys

Matching and number toys such as cards with pictures, colors and numbers are one of the easiest types of scientific kits to find in local and online stores. These types of scientific toys will increase your child’s brain development while teaching her about logistics. A set of cards with numbers or images is appropriate for taking with you to other locations so that your child has something to play with.

8: Primary or Chemistry Laboratory Kits

You may have had a primary or chemistry laboratory kit as a child, and these are still valuable for learning about STEM topics that include science, technology, engineering and math so that your child will excel in school.

Talk to Your Child about What He or She Wants

Before buying toys for your child, talk to them about their interests in scientific topics, or alternatively, you can learn more about what she is studying in school to augment her education.

If you’re looking for additional ways to encourage your child’s love for science check out Science Explorer’s  summer science camps  and  after-school clubs.

Annie Grace Wilson is a Public Relations Specialist for The STEM Store . She regularly produces content for a variety of blogs that cover topics on STEM toys and fun educational material

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