2016-2017 After-School Clubs

(For Grades 1-5 but may vary by school. Some topics available for Pre-K and K. Check your school’s schedule.)

Please register at least 5 days prior to the club start date.   

Clubs have a min. and max. number of participants.

Wacky World of Science! 

We picked our favorite hands-on science activities for this special introductory 3-session club!  This is a great program to try if you’ve never participated in Science Explorers before, or if you want to experience some fan favorites! Experiment with catalysts and create a fizzy, foaming fountain, learn about circuits to create your own electric game, explore the amazing power of air pressure, and make “Bernoulli ball poppers”.   


Rock Docs

Travel back in time to discover the mysteries of the Earth! Become a paleontologist for the day and experience a dinosaur dig to uncover the stories that fossils tell. Enter the hidden world of the geode and build and erupt your own volcano. We’ll pan for genuine gemstones and learn where precious minerals are mined around the globe. As we examine rocks and minerals from near and far you’ll be sure to discover what a rockin’ place our world can be!


Crime Scene Capers

Become a Science Explorers CSI! Each week a new suspect will be revealed, and we’ll use forensic techniques to solve the mystery of “whodunit”.  Learn how to lift fingerprints, analyze unknown substances, conduct simulated blood typing and use a black light to reveal glowing evidence. Will you be the one to crack the case?


Kitchen  Chemistry 

Chef or chemist? Kitchen or laboratory? Explore the science of kitchen chemistry as you investigate ingredients that pop, fizz and foam. Discover the amazing transformation of cream to butter, taste the science of popping CO2, create gooey gum drops, and freeze your own slushies. These are just a cupful of the concoctions you will be creating!

*Dairy Allergy alert


3-2-1 Blast Off!
Blast off to an out of this world adventure! Reach for the stars as you investigate space and the final frontier. Launch a superfast film canister rocket, construct a telescope, and take on an astronaut challenge. See what exciting and explosive adventures await as you soar towards fun! 


Super  Duper Product Sleuthers       

Come join our scientific research team! Which potato chips are the crunchiest? Which cookies have the most chocolate chips?  Which brand of popcorn pops best? Test these products and more as we use scientific methods to enter the world of quality control!

 *Gluten, Dairy and Nut Allergy alert.  Cookies do not contain nuts however they may be manufactured in a facility that uses nuts.


We offer these after-school clubs to any elementary school in PA, NJ, DE, MD, and DC. If your child’s school does not currently offer one of our after school clubs please have them contact us! 


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