2017-2018 After-School Clubs

(For Grades 1-5 but may vary by school. Some topics available for Pre-K and K. Check your school’s schedule.)

Please register at least 5 days prior to the club start date.   

Clubs have a min. and max. number of participants.

KaBoom Chemistry 

We’ve picked some of our favorite activities and even created some new ones for this 3-session club.  Get your goggles ready to experiment with chemistry that fizzes, bangs and pops as you blast off film canister rockets, make an explosion in a bag, erupt a mini geyser, mix up fizzy bath poppers, and create a bubbling density concoction! 


Marvelous Machines    

See how simple machines make work easier…and more fun too! Compete with your friends in a pulley race, construct a lever to make a cool catapult, explore gears that make wind-up toys work, and use the power of a spring to measure force. Lots of energy is needed for participation!


Toying Around with Science

Explore the world of physics and chemistry that exists in toys. We’ll put a spin on some classic favorites and introduce you to some new “totally tubular” toys. Boomerangs, yo-yos, kaleidoscopes and roaring cups are all part of the fun!


Let’s Get Electrified

Be sure to stay grounded while we make exciting gadgets and explore electricity. Harness electromagnetic energy to run a motor. Build your own signaling buzzer to complete a family science game. Get on the electric superhighway and create your own circuits. Want to think green? Explore alternate energy sources by using hydropower to run a water wheel. Stay current with this exciting adventure, as it’s sure to be electrifying!


Loose  in the Chem Lab
We’ll put the scientific method to the test as we put on our goggles and get elbow deep in chemistry! Discover the secret colors in candy, conduct heat sensitive experiments that change color, make the best bubble solution ever, and mix up a substance that acts like a solid AND a liquid! 


Marine Biology Mania      

Get ready to dive deep as we explore life under the sea! Come face to face with a real fish and practice the ancient art of gyotaku (fish printing), conduct a whale blubber lab and test ocean water density and salinity. It’s more fun than a day at the beach! 


Ready, Set Summer! 

Everyone is welcome to join us for a special 2-hour Science Explorers club to get your summer science fun started! We’ll create colorful beach bags using chromatography, make super sidewalk chalk, and build solar ovens to bake some delicious s’mores. (Allergy Alert: S’mores are made with graham crackers, chocolate kisses and marshmallows.)


We offer these after-school clubs to any elementary school in PA, NJ, DE, MD, and DC. If your child’s school does not currently offer one of our after school clubs please have them contact us! 


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