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Science Explorers is dedicated to upholding the trust our families put in us. We promise to protect the personal information you choose to share with us when you visit our site and sign up for our programs. We want to let you know what we do with your personal information so that, by reading this Privacy Policy carefully, you can make more informed decisions.

Here, we outline Science Explorers’ practices related to how we collect, employ and disclose personal information voluntarily submitted to us by our customers and their families. We may update the policy when needed, and we will provide notice of any changes on our site or through email.

What Is Personal Information?

When we refer to personal information, it includes anything that can be used to identify you.

Personal Information Collection and Deployment

When you register for our services, you provide information and sign agreements. We mainly use this data to offer services to the children who enroll and to provide, develop and market the programs available to them. Some of the information we may collect includes:


  • The name, payment information and purchase history of anyone who signs up for services via our website or at an in-person location. We also gather your contact information at that time.
  • The name and contact information of people who apply for jobs with our company. We receive employment-related material such as resumes and cover letters as well. We rely on this information to determine if an applicant will make a suitable hire and whether they are eligible for our positions. We also use the data they submit to respond to their job inquiry.
  • Personal information submitted to enter a Science Explorers contest, which may include a person’s name and address. We collect this information to provide prizes and possibly publish the name of the contest winner when we post content related to the event.
  • Contact information of subscribers who enter their email on our website to receive updates, promotions and announcements related to Science Explorers programs. Signing up for these opportunities is voluntary, and we will unenroll anyone who decides they no longer wish to receive emails.
  • Information to confirm your identity if you reach out to us with a question or complaint. We may need additional information to provide you with a thorough and timely answer, and we may request your name, phone number or address to reply. Keeping this data allows us to offer better assistance in the future, raising the level of customer service.


Personal Information Disclosure

Without receiving your express consent, we will not sell, trade, rent or disclose the personal information we acquire through the means listed above unless we are permitted by law. The only cases when we may disclose your information include:


  • To third-parties that offer services for Science Explorers, which may include retention services, storage or data services, marketing, or web hosting. We only transfer personal information outside the United States according to the law or safeguards outlined through the law.
  • When approached with a search warrant or another legal order or when an investigative body contacts us under circumstances such as a breached agreement. To establish legal claims or engage in defense, we may also disclose your personal information.
  • If Science Explorers undergoes a merger or sale, which may occur during bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. In this case, client information may be included in the data transferred to the buyer as part of our assets. We may also disclose information as part of a stock sale, change in corporate control or corporate reorganization.


Storage and Retention

If you sign up for updates about our services, we will keep your information on file until you state that you no longer want to hear from us. We may retain the personal data obtained through your voluntary submissions on our site for the duration of the legal requirement related to our site operation and performance of services.

We keep information about children for a limited amount of time. When you sign up for a program, for instance, you send in your child’s name and birthday. We can delete this information at your request. Our service provision also retains anonymized data about individuals, but it’s impossible to track who they are or identify them based on the submitted information.

Subscribing to and receiving information from Science Explorers remain purely voluntary. You can request that we delete the contact information you submitted to subscribe to our newsletter or to receive announcements or promotions at any time.

Third-Party Providers

We hold our third-party providers to the highest standards. They must comply with all laws related to service provisions and personal information processing. Third-party processors may manage, hold and capture our newsletter and direct marketing sent out electronically. A third-party provider may also store digital data.

Science Explorers employees may use physical copies of personal information, which we store in cabinets and only use when we provide services. Materials we no longer need will be destroyed.


We use Google Analytics to gain insights about the visitors to our website, which assists us in developing content. This data helps us improve our services and understand how our customers use them, and it also allows us to create new features tailored to visitors’ habits and interests. You can learn more about Google Analytics by visiting If you would like to opt out of Google data collection and processing on our site, you can visit

Social Pixels

We use social pixels on our website to help us track conversions from our social content, determine optimal audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have visited our website but haven’t purchased a product. Social pixels also help us measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Payment Information

The Science Explorers website accepts payment for services. If you pay for a program on our website, we collect information that allows us to process the order, including the name of your child, your address, your telephone and the method you use to pay. We do not retain the information you submit for payment. Our payment processor stores that data.

IP Addresses and Cookies

To identify individuals, we use their IP addresses, which can offer us broad demographic information about who uses our website. We also use this data to find problems with our site and resolve them.

Cookies are data that our site sends to your browser, where they are stored and can be used for identification the next time you navigate to the site. Our use of cookies may depend on your browser settings.

We employ cookies to make usage easier for users, allowing you to tailor settings to your preferences. In instances where a password is required, individuals can store passwords so that they don’t have to reenter them the next time they navigate to the site. Browser settings that do not allow for cookies may prevent a user from employing all of our site’s features.

Third-Party Links

Science Explorers may include links on the website that go to third-party sites we do not have any control over. Other websites may also feature links to our website through advertising. Science Explorers will not give individual personal information to a third party unless the individual has requested or consented to this sharing, except in the situations outlined above.

We link to third parties as a way to assist individuals who come to our website, but we do not mean these links as endorsements of third-party sites. Each of them has an independent privacy policy separate from ours, and we urge individuals to read those policies as well.

We have no liability for the way linked third-party sites may use your information. We also have no responsibility for the security of these websites or how they treat the data you may submit.


Science Explorers implements security measures meant to protect individuals against:


  • Theft.
  • Unauthorized access to information.
  • User disclosure.
  • Alteration of personal information after we receive it.
  • Loss.


We recognize the sensitivity of information submitted to us voluntarily, and we pledge to use appropriate safeguards to protect it, including physical, tech-based and organization-based strategies. The third-party service providers we employ have been advised to secure and keep confidential the personal information they receive from Science Explorers. They are barred by law from using this data in any way besides providing the services we hired them to perform.

An individual can limit access to some personal information by picking a secure password or username. These individuals should not tell anyone what their password or username is. You will never receive a request from Science Explorers to disclose that password in any unsolicited communication.


If you would like, you can provide consent to get more communications from Science Explorers unrelated to the services you sign up to receive. This opportunity is voluntary and not required when you register for any of our services.


An individual who needs to correct or delete their data on our site can reach out to Science Explorers with their request. Individuals retain rights to their personal information.

Any individual with concerns about our privacy policy or compliance can also send a written complaint, which we will investigate and then respond to. If necessary, Science Explorers will take action to address the complaint.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about our Privacy Policy or how we may collect or retain your information? Get in touch with Science Explorers today. You can use our contact page or reach out via mail or phone:

Science Explorers, Inc.

110 W. Wyomissing Ave.

Mohnton, PA 19540

Toll Free: 1.877.870.9517

Local: 610.816.5047

Fax: 610.816.5075

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