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The Science Explorers Visit Bey's Rocks

Jupiter Jen and Solar Sarah discuss the magic of the science explorers program with Dynamite Diane and complete fun experiments with the kids. Discover how antacids work and how chemical reactions take place. Watch as the explorers take a day trip to Bey's Rock Shop to see some amazing fossils and rocks.

The Science Explorers Visit Indian Echo Caverns

The science explorers learn the difference between acids and bases, make their own butter, and take a day trip to Indian Echo Caverns. The explorers get to see exciting cave formations like stalactites and stalagmites. 

The Science Explorers Visit Elmwood Park Zoo

Watch as the science explorers visit the Elmwood Park Zoo, learn how to make their own fossils, and complete other fun at-home experiments. The explorers learn all about the animals from the zoo experts!