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There are over 60,000 species of trees, and trillions of them cover the planet. They take up miles of land because they play such a critical role on the earth. It’s no wonder so many kids develop an interest in learning about them.

If you need help teaching your children about trees, Science Explorers is here to help!

Why It’s Important to Learn About Trees

Trees play a significant role in our world. First, trees contribute to healthy air quality. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The removal of carbon dioxide helps to regulate the climate, and the oxygen creates fresh air that our lungs need. Plus, forests serve as  homes for 80% of animals.

Wood from trees is a crucial component in creating and maintaining fires for heat and cooking. The roots of trees prevent erosion, too. Think about the mighty oaks and maples around your house. During rainy seasons, the roots absorb water and keep it from running toward your home or down to pipes where it can cause damage.

Trees are a necessary tool for our survival. Yet, the most fundamental reason children need to learn about trees is preservation. As our population grows, deforestation becomes more and more common. With proper education, children learn the good that trees do for us and the good that we can do for the planet by protecting them.

Materials You’ll Need for Tree Lessons

When it comes to tree lessons, there are several activities you can do with your kids to help them learn. What’s better, these activities require everyday household items. Gather craft tools, like:

  • Paper.
  • Markers.
  • Construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Paint.
  • Stickers.

As for outdoor activities, technology can come in handy. With the internet right at your fingertips, you can research the trees you and your children find. You can also examine leaves. These visual elements can help you identify the tree online, and most internet resources provide additional information so that you can learn about the trees as you observe them.

Tree Activities for Children

We have organized the activities by ages. This way, your child can interact and engage with trees in an exciting and challenging way. Feel free to explore and alter all of the activities to suit your child and their learning needs!

Ages 4 to 6

Puzzles are an excellent tool for helping children learn the connections between objects. Here’s how you can create your own tree puzzle:

  1. Draw a landscape with your child. The most crucial detail of this landscape will be a large tree with roots, a trunk and branches.
  2. Cut the landscape into big square pieces.
  3. Mix these pieces up, and have your child put them together.

Ask them questions about the puzzle pieces, and let them teach you why each piece goes where it does. To make things more challenging, draw additional figures on separate pieces of paper. Think of objects like a squirrel, a bird’s nest, the sun and water puddles. Then, have your child place these items in the appropriate places on top of the existing puzzle.

Ages 6 to 8

Whether it’s a warm summer day or a chilly fall one, there’s nothing like a finger painting session to spark some creativity. Painting has several benefits for children, from learning about the color wheel to improving fine motor skills. When it comes to learning about trees, painting trees and finger painting leaves helps your child learn about the life cycle of a tree throughout the year.

Help them paint the trunk, branches and roots. Then, let them go wild on the branches with their fingers, creating the countless leaves we love to see in summer and fall.

Ages 9 to 11

At this age, kids are more familiar with what a tree does. Spend some time with them online researching the types of trees in your area. Have them take notes on the most common trees, the pattern of their barks and their leaves. Then, it’s time for some exploration.

Whether you have a forest in your backyard or an expansive park in the community, take your kids out for a tree hunt. Have them bring along their notes and try to find the trees they learned about online. It’s a fun hiking activity that helps them get fresh air and learn about the variety of trees all around us.

Find More Learning Opportunities With Science Explorers

Science Explorers puts a twist on science lessons so that kids have fun while learning valuable information. If your child loves to learn, let them join us! We offer summer camps and clubs as well as virtual camps and clubs. During their time with us, your kids will get to interact with instructors and other children their age as they learn.


Check out all of  the fun opportunities we have  for your child. If you have any questions or you want to sign your child up for some science fun,  contact us  today!

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