Science Explorers
Science Explorers

For the last 21 years, Science Explorers has been dedicated to providing the best in hands-on STEM enrichment programs. This year, Newsweek announced that they would be choosing 65 of the Best in STEM products to feature in their magazine. We submitted our “Best of Science Explorers STEM@Home Kit” to be considered for the honor. While our kit was one of 2,500 products reviewed , and we are proud to announce that we made the cut!

We already offered a variety of programs that bring the fun and education to schools, including after-school science club, exploratory summer camps, and on-site field trips. With school attendance being different this year, we wanted to think of a way to bring science right to your doorstep that encourages children to have fun and spark a love of learning.

To solve this problem, we developed STEM@Home kits that are jam-packed with activities, lessons, and all the materials you need to create your own science lab, right at home.

Here are some of the features of our “Best of Science Explorers STEM@Home” kit that really set us apart:

  • All of the lab materials are included. You only need some very basic at-home materials to complete these experiments!
  • These are NOT your average science experiments! We made sure we picked some of the BEST Science Explorers has to offer. That inspired the name of this kit!
  • You don’t have to be a science-whiz. We included detailed written instructions, as well as access to pre-recorded videos where some of our AWESOME Instructors lead  you through the experiments (and explain the science!!).
  • It’s learning at it’s best! We know that hands-on, experiential learning is effective and FUN.
  • It’s versatile! This kit offers screen-free learning (with our written instructions), an opportunity for a family fun night, or provides you a much-needed break by offering your kiddos everything they need for something fun to do.

Want to know what’s inside? Our “Best of Science Explorers” kit covers FIVE full lessons and teaches concepts from chemistry, biology, physics, and more!

  • We will be cross-linking polymers to make super string slime!
  • Discover the amazing effects of air pressure!
  • Explore the food chain as you dissect an owl pellet!
  • Build a circuit to send secret messages via Morse code!
  • Create a “matter monster” that goes through all 3 states of matter right before your eyes!

Get in on the STEM fun, and experience the “Best of Science Explorers”! This STEM@Home kit is only $129 and will give your kiddos hours of activities and experiments. Supplies are limited and this kit is in the spotlight, so don’t miss out.

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