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Science Explorers

Summer Science Camps for Kids in New Castle, DE

When you look back on time you spent in school, what subjects stand out? Art class may sit at the top of your list because you could use your hands to make something beautiful. Perhaps English class comes to mind because the class awoke your imagination as it introduced you to a favorite book.

Too often, science and math fall to the wayside when it comes to classes people remember fondly. Why is that the case? It might be because those classes involved memorizing charts or complex formulas. Alternatively, you might not name those classes as your favorites because they simply weren’t your “thing.”

Reasons to Get Your Kids Interested in STEM Learning

Even if your kids aren’t the biggest fans of math and science, they must be proficient in both subjects. In today’s connected marketplace, it’s equally important for your children to understand engineering and technology as well.

STEM refers to a method of teaching about science, technology, engineering and math in an integrated manner using real-world circumstances. Kids need to gain this knowledge for success in their adult lives. Even if your kids grow up to be authors, they may still need to know how to code to format their written work. Children who aspire to work as professional chefs need the same knowledge to understand how food will react to certain cooking techniques and additives.

While STEM knowledge will benefit your kids no matter what career path they choose to follow, it will also prepare them to address some of the world’s problems when they’re older. Climate change, food shortages, pollution and environmental disasters are just samples of the issues STEM can help solve.

Science Explorers Makes STEM Learning a Blast

Just because learning about science, technology, engineering and math is crucial to your kids’ future success, doesn’t mean your children will get excited to learn about these subjects. Their enthusiasm for STEM learning will increase many times over when they attend one of our science camps or after school science clubs in New Castle County, DE.

Our science clubs and camps make STEM learning a blast for kids between four and 11. Our programs include hands-on learning that engages the senses and captivates imaginations. The more their senses are involved in learning, the more likely it is your kids will remember what they learn, which is crucial when it comes to applying their STEM knowledge throughout their lives.

About Our Science Camps in Newark, DE and Nearby Areas

During summertime, Science Explorers hosts camps in a variety of settings, such as museums, schools, libraries and parks. Each camp lasts one week. Children between four and 11 years old are welcome to attend our activity-filled camps for half or full days.

When they attend one of our science camps in Dover, DE, or a nearby city such as Brookside, Smyrna or Seaford, your kids will learn about an array of subjects that will ignite their interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Anatomy, programming and chemistry are just samples of the subjects we might dive into during a summer camp.

About Our Science Clubs

Just like Science Explorers hosts science camps in Wilmington, DE, and other locations throughout New Castle County such as Georgetown, we also host science clubs all over the region. Each club lasts between three and five weeks. During that time, your kids will attend a one-hour session each week immediately after school.

Club participants will take whatever creation they made during the meeting home to show off to their friends and family members. They’ll also receive a parent page that discusses what the meeting covered and provides ideas about things you and your kids can do to explore science further.

Register Your Kids in a Science Camp or Club With Science Explorers

If you want to ignite your children’s interest in STEM learning, we encourage you to register them for one of our science camps or clubs now.

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