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Summer Science Camps for Kids Essex in County, NJ

If you turn on the television, will you encounter a show that somehow involves science, technology, engineering or math? While you might not realize it, the odds are quite good that at least one of those topics will influence the show you watch.

For example, engineering is part of a home improvement show while math is required to keep track of the score in sports. Even if you tune into a fictional medical drama or crime show, science will be a part of it. Of course, technology is necessary for you to watch any show whatsoever.

Reasons STEM Knowledge Is Crucial to Your Children’s Success

Learning about science, technology, engineering and math is integral to your child’s future. However, learning about these things in silos isn’t always the best way for your kids to absorb the knowledge they’ll need throughout childhood and their adult lives.

STEM refers to an integrated type of teaching that provides instruction about science, technology, engineering and math by applying all the subjects to real-life scenarios. Gaining knowledge about these subjects and knowing how to apply that knowledge is vital to your children’s future. STEM knowledge can form the basis for a successful career in many fields, such as cooking, construction, designing and forensics.

Fluency in STEM topics will also prepare your children to solve problems when they’re adults. While climate change is already an issue today, it will be an even greater concern when your kids are adults. STEM knowledge can help your kids find a solution to problems such as climate change when they’re older. It can also allow them to handle smaller issues such as planting a garden for maximum yield in their own backyard.

Science Explorers: We Make STEM Learning Fun

Even if you recognize the importance of STEM learning, your kids may not share the same excitement about science, technology, engineering and math. Sadly, most of the kids who are interested in those subjects will lose their interest before they even graduate from high school.

Science Explorers has found a way to combat that loss of interest — make STEM learning fun. Children are eager to improve their STEM fluency when they participate in one of our fun-filled programs. We host summer science camps and after-school science clubs throughout Essex County, NJ, in cities such as Upper Montclair, Short Hills and Newark. Our programs include hands-on activities that allow your kids to participate in their lessons and engage their senses as they learn about science and other critical subjects.

What You Need to Know About Our Summer Science Camps in Nutley, NJ, and Nearby Areas

We host summer science camps in Nutley, NJ, and nearby cities such as East Orange and Kearny. Every camp lasts one week and includes activities appropriate for kids between the ages of four and 11. Our summer camps cover a variety of topics, such as oceanography, anatomy and ancient civilizations. Because we have so many repeat campers, we change our curriculum often, so kids who attend more than one camp are always learning something new.

About Our After-School Science Clubs in Nutley, NJ, and Surrounding Cities

Our after-school science clubs run from three to five weeks, and your kids will attend a one-hour meeting once a week. Club get-togethers take place right after school ends. Like our Essex County, NJ summer science camps, our area science clubs include fun-filled activities that will get your kids jazzed about science and related subjects.

At the end of each club meeting, attendees will receive a parent page that details the information covered in the session and mentions activities you and your kids can do to enhance what they learned. Club participants can also bring the things they make during club meetings home.

Sign Your Kids up for STEM Learning With Science Explorers Today

If you want to improve your children’s fluency in STEM subjects, sign your kids up for one of our New Jersey area camps or clubs now!

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