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Science Camps in Cumberland County, PA

Science Camps Near Mechanicsburg, PA

Does your child go into a new school year with a foggy brain? Are you looking for an educational experience for them this summer? If your child loves science, then Science Explorers is the place for them! We offer educational, hands-on science summer camps in Southeastern Pennsylvania — including Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill— plus New Jersey and Maryland!

Let your child have fun this summer while they learn during our full-day and half-day camps. They’ll become even more curious about the world around them, and we can quench that curiosity with topics in engineering, math, technology and science!

Pick a Summer Camp for Your Kids in the Camp Hill, PA, Area

No matter what scientific topics interest your child the most, we have a camp for you. Our fun and knowledgeable educators will teach your child through exciting, hands-on activities that will give your kids a lifelong love of science.

Take a journey into space with our astronomy-focused programs. Explore the wonders of chemistry by making mixtures that fizz, pop and glow. Dive under the sea to learn marine biology and oceanography. Learn about geology, archaeology, physics and other scientific topics. Our camps have engaging activities across various scientific disciplines to ignite curiosity in any child.

Science Explorers hosts science camps in Camp Hill for kids ages 7 to 11. Our half-day programs are great for your campers, while full-day program options engage kids with a passion for science. Sessions occur at nearby schools, museums and recreation centers, making it easy to find a convenient location.

STEM Counts

Learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can get kids excited about these important topics while increasing other vital life skills. Here are a few reasons why STEM education counts:

  • Building confidence: Whether your child struggles in STEM topics or lacks confidence in other areas, experimentation teaches them to try new things without fear of failure.
  • Increasing innovation: STEM education teaches kids to observe and analyze problems creatively, leading to an out-of-the-box mindset that serves them well throughout their lives.
  • Engaging curiosity: Children often have questions about the way the world works. STEM education can answer these inquiries and encourage kids to keep asking questions and finding solutions.
  • Changing lives: Getting kids excited about STEM topics can lead them down life-changing paths, even propelling them to seek STEM careers later in life.

While STEM education brings much value to children, sometimes they need more than a classroom learning environment. At Science Explorers, we offer hands-on learning rather than teaching kids while they sit at desks. Your child can work with other children, get their hands dirty and try new things, all while participating in science activities. With experience in hands-on education since 1999, we know what it takes to engage and teach your child.

Sign Your Child up for Camp

Kids love our summer camps because they can have a great time while they learn topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics that add to what they learn in school. Our staff includes talented teachers and curriculum developers. These experts know what it takes to entertain kids while educating them. At the end of the summer, your child will start their new school year excited to learn!

If your child is ready to have a fun, hands-on experience this summer, search for a camp in Cumberland County today! Use our online registration form to see available clubs and sign your child up for camp.

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