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Science Explorers

Science Camps for Kids in Philadelphia

Is your child curious about how the world works? Do they love to get their hands dirty? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then welcome to Science Explorers! We offer full-day and half-day summer camps with topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Give your young scientist an exciting, hands-on experience where they’ll have fun while they learn! Our science camps near Ambler and Dresher, PA, will enrich your child’s education and give them a lifelong passion for science and learning.

Search for Summer Camps for Kids in the Bryn Mawr, PA, Area

Science Explorers offers a variety of camps with different themes. No matter which camp you choose, you won’t be disappointed! Our fun and smart instructors will guide your children through exciting activities.

We have topics of interest for every child. Whether your little scientist wants to explore space, study biology or make some fun chemistry concoctions, we have a camp for them. Our camp themes change regularly so your child can return year after year with the same enthusiasm and excitement for learning new things. Depending on the camp you choose, activities may include building a nano-rover, dissecting a shark or digging for dinosaurs.

These science camps in Philadelphia meet for one week at local schools, churches and community centers, giving you convenient access. Campers can attend morning sessions or come for the entire day, depending on their interest and your summer schedule. We have camp topics suitable for kids ages 4 to 11.

Add Some After-School Learning

Looking for something to excite and educate your child during the school year? Science Explorers offers after-school STEM clubs. Our clubs meet for one hour once a week throughout the school year. Like our summer camps, they cover various scientific topics. Your child can learn about the science of slime, explore the wonders of the human body or tinker with parts to make things like circuits with switches.

We Care About STEM

STEM learning doesn’t only educate your children in science, technology, engineering and math. It also gives them essential skills they can use in any area for the rest of their lives. Give your children the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills they can use in every subject.

STEM learning is vital for many reasons, including:

  • Preparing for the future: STEM careers continue to grow in importance. Get your child interested in these topics at a young age so they have the tools to succeed.
  • Fostering creativity: When doing experiments or building tools, children get hands-on experiences and the chance to try new things, making them more creative problem solvers.
  • Improving communication: As children collaborate to solve problems and perform experiments, they learn vital communication and teamwork skills that serve them well in all areas of life.

A STEM education provides many benefits, but what your child learns in school may not be enough to inspire a life-long interest. Our STEM camps let kids learn while they participate in the lesson. This physical involvement helps get your child excited about science, creating a lasting influence beyond the classroom.

Register for Our Summer Camps

At Science Explorers, we have been making science fun for children since 1999. Our inquiry-based science programs have changed the lives of thousands of children across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We maintain a team of skilled educators and curriculum developers to complement the school curriculum while adding excitement and passion for discovery. Parents love our in-depth and thoughtful programs, while kids love having fun while learning about science.

Find one of our science camps in the North Philadelphia region today! Browse our science camps near Ambler, PA, online and register for one in your area.

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