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Science Explorers

Science Camps for Kids in Lancaster County, PA

If you live in or around Lancaster County, Science Explorers offers science camps for your child to build their skills and love for science throughout the summer. Check them out!

Our Hands-On Summer Camps

Our summer camps are categorized by age group and science topics, ranging from half days to full days to a whole week. Take an inside look at our science day camps in Lancaster, PA, below:

  • Astronaut Academy: This group is for ages 7-11 and focuses on space and flight. Your child can choose half-day or full-day camp options with activities such as touring our planetarium and building their own air-powered nano-rovers.
  • Magical World of Science: Ages 7-11 can enjoy the basics of science, from slime to dinosaurs. This week-long camp is full of adventure, learning and fun experiments.
  • Fizz, Bang, Boom: This half-day camp is built for ages 7-11 and specializes in all things physics. Choose from a half-day or full-day for electrifying experiments and battery-powered inventions.
  • Take a Dive: For future marine biologists or oceanographers ages 7-11, this half or full-day camp will dive into the world under the sea. This camp will spark your child’s curiosity and provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities — it’s not every day you can dissect a real shark!
  • Junior Explorers: Our junior explorers are ages 4-6, and they get a great introduction to science. This week-long experience will cover topics such as archaeology, geology and biology.

Reasons to Send Your Child to Science Summer Camp

Still on the fence about science summer camps? Here are some skill-based reasons to sign your child up:

  • Social: Instead of staying cooped up inside all summer, science camps allow your child to engage and strengthen their social skills. We split our summer camps based on age groups, allowing your child to build relationships with others their age.
  • Mental: Our science camps provide mental stimulation for kids during the summer, teaching them problem-solving skills and immersive science lessons. Each camp’s lessons are fine-tuned to meet the skill levels of each age group.
  • Physical: Every experiment and lesson we do is hands-on for all science lovers. Your child can have real, tangible learning experiences.

Sign Your Child up for Camp Today!

Science Explorers are hyped about science, and we want to provide your child with a memorable experience this summer. Sign up your child for the camp of their choosing before the summer!

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