Science Explorers
Science Explorers

Science Camps for Kids in Delaware County, PA

At Science Explorers, we provide week-long day camp opportunities for children interested in science from ages 4-11. When we say we have something for everyone, we mean it — from more basic science lessons to specific branches in the overarching subject of science. Take a glance at our options below!

Junior Explorers

Junior Explorers is fit for our youngest scientists, ages 4-6. This camp’s sessions last half-days for a full week and provide a generalized look at earth science, such as archaeology, geology and biology. Your kids will be able to join in activities such as:

  • Digging for dinos in the desert.
  • Erupting a volcano.
  • Making creatures of the rainforest.
  • Spelunking in cave creations.

Astronaut Academy

We have a week-long space and flight-themed science camp designed specifically for your little astronaut. Ages 7-11 can choose from half-day to full-day camps, each a creative and immersive experience that features activities like:

  • Building and launching a rocket.
  • Crafting air-powered nano-rovers.
  • Using a robotic arm.
  • Commanding their own mission to Mars.

Magical World of Science!

If your child is more interested in the laboratory and chemistry side of science, we have a camp for that, too. The Magical World of Science summer camp is designed for ages 7-11 to discover a little bit about the world over the course of a week. Specifically, this camp covers:

  • The world of dinosaurs.
  • The power of the sun.
  • The difference between color and light.
  • The amazing human body.
  • Chemistry mixtures that fizz, pop and glow.

Fizz, Bang, Boom!

This camp’s title really does it justice. The Fizz, Bang, Boom camp focuses on physics and chemistry, using electrifying experiments to put it all in perspective. Everything is brought to a level of understanding for kids ages 7-11 in a half-day or full-day layout. Some specific experiments we do include:

  • Creating battery-powered inventions.
  • Making kaleidoscopes.
  • Building motorized robots.
  • Separating colors in candy.

Take a Dive

Calling all future marine biologists and oceanographers! Take a deep dive into the ocean and life under the sea with this camp. Again, this camp offers half and full-day options for ages 7-11. At these sessions, your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Dissect a real shark or squid.
  • Participate in a fisherman’s challenge.
  • Make a submarine.
  • Conduct a whale adaptations lab.

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