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Science Explorers

Science Camps for Kids Burlington County, NJ

What’s the one thing you remember best from your days in high school science class? Depending on the subject you studied, you may recall making a concoction of some kind in chemistry or dissecting a frog in biology. While those things may seem unrelated, they have one thing in common — both activities get students physically involved in their science lesson.

Reasons Kids Should Engage in Science and STEM Learning

When kids engage more than one of their senses to learn, it’s more likely they’ll remember what they learned. Being able to recall information is vital as it relates to science, technology, engineering and math. These subjects are the basis for advancements in many fields, including seemingly-unrelated professions like cooking.

STEM is an approach to science, technology, engineering and math that incorporates interdisciplinary learning opportunities based on real-world scenarios. None of the subjects involved are taught independently of each other. Instead, students receive instruction in an integrated format that teaches informed decision-making skills, fosters analytical abilities and enables kids to evaluate evidence.

Being fluent in STEM topics helps kids develop critical skills that will help them become sought-after professionals in an increasingly complex workforce. But at Science Explorers, we believe we can help your kids build those skills in a way that’s fun!

We Make STEM Learning Fun

Science Explorers makes STEM learning a blast for kids ages four to 11! We let children explore the world of science using their hands, noses, eyes, brains and more. By engaging kids in science rather than talking at them about the subject, we empower kids to push the boundaries of their imaginations and expand their minds, knowledge and skillsets — all while having a great time with their peers.

Science Explorers Summer Science Camps: What You Need to Know

Science Explorers gives kids two ways to learn about science. Our summer science camps in Burlington County are popular with parents and kids in Mount Holly, Chesterfield, Palmyra, Medford Lakes, Moorestown and Willingboro.

Each of the summer science camp lasts one week and takes place in a variety of settings, such as schools, colleges, museums, and gardens, among others. Similarly, our science camps cover an array of subjects, including oceanography, biology, chemistry, anatomy and coding.

If you want your kids to participate in a hands-on, fun-filled summer science camp in Burlington County, NJ, you won’t have to look beyond our area camps to find one that will get your children excited about STEM learning today, tomorrow and well into the future. Contact us to learn more!

Burlington County, NJ Science Clubs

Just like we conduct science camps throughout the area, we also host science clubs all over Burlington County, NJ. Our science clubs last three to five weeks apiece. Every week, participants will attend a single one-hour club meeting that starts right after school ends. In each meeting, attendees will learn about science through hands-on lessons. Plus, they’ll be able to bring the figurative fruits of their learning home for all to see.

Kids will receive a Parent Page during every club meeting. This page will inform you about the material covered in the day’s meeting. Even better, it will include ideas about some things you and your child can do together to explore science even further at home!

Enroll Your Kids in a Summer Science Camp or Club Now

If you want your children to learn about STEM fields in a hands-on, totally engaged and absolutely fun way, enroll your kids in a science camp or club with Science Explorers. Better yet, sign them up for both today!

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