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Science Camps for Kids Bergen, NJ

What comes to mind when you hear the word “stem?” If you’re like many, images of flowers or some other kind of plant may spring into your thoughts. With a literal stem being the main trunk of a plant, that’s only natural.

When educators, employers and politicians hear the same word, it’s likely they’re not thinking about a garden. Instead, they probably think of science, technology, engineering and math. STEM is an acronym that’s often used to refer to an integrated method of teaching kids about those four topics using real-life scenarios.

Why Studying Science and Other STEM Subjects Is Important

According to the U.S. Department of Education, it’s crucial for students to learn knowledge and develop skills to solve problems, process information and make informed decisions based on evidence. These are the very skills students develop through the interdisciplinary field of STEM.

Having a solid base of STEM knowledge is vital to the success of children as they advance toward adulthood. This knowledge will enable them to navigate the tricky waters of an ever-changing workforce. It’s only by being fluent in these subjects that today’s young students will evolve into the adults who drive change tomorrow and well into the future.

Science Explorers: We Make Science and STEM Learning Fun

Given the crucial nature of STEM learning, it’s vital that kids develop an interest in science, technology, engineering and math at an early age. How can you ensure your children get excited about these topics? By making sure your kids have a great time as they learn about science, technology, engineering and math. How can you do that? By enrolling them in one of our fun-filled science programs, of course!

Whether they attend one of our science camps in Englewood, NJ or one of our science clubs in another part of Bergen County, your kids will enjoy every moment they spend learning about the cornerstones of STEM. Our science camps and clubs allow kids to use their hands and actively participate in lessons that will ignite their enthusiasm for all things STEM-related.

While you’ll know your kids are learning about STEM subjects, your kids will know they’re just having a blast when they attend one of our science camps or clubs.

A Look at Summer Science Camps by Science Explorers

Tenafly, Cresskill, Alpine, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee, Lyndhurst — those are just some of the locations in Bergen County where we host summer science camps. Every summer camp is a weeklong exploration of the wonder of science where kids aged 4-11 participate in hands-on lessons that will intrigue their minds while engaging their senses and imagination.

Chemistry, coding, ancient civilizations, biology — those topics are just the tip of the iceberg!

An Overview of our Bergen County, NJ Science Clubs

Science Explorers also offers after-school science clubs in Bergen County! Kids can learn about a wide array of fascinating STEM subjects, such as oceanography. The length of each club ranges from three to five weeks. As a club participant, your child will attend a one-hour session once a week after school.

At the end of each meeting, we’ll give your kid a Parent Page. This page will review what the club covered that day and provide ideas for science activities you and your child can try at home. Plus, you’ll have several examples of your child’s work because your kid will bring home his or her scientific creation after each club meeting — just like art class, but for STEM!

Sign Your Kids Up for Summer Science Camp or After School Science Club Now

To get your kids pumped about STEM fields — and set them up for lifelong success — register them for a science camp or club conducted by Science Explorers now!

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