Science Explorers
Science Explorers

Science Camps and Clubs for Kids in Mifflin County, PA

Kids are naturally curious. Their minds are always wondering, “What happens if I do this?” or “Why does this exist?” Those questions are also part of the scientific process. Children have an affinity for asking questions about the most basic elements of the world, and that’s all part of learning about science.

Science Explorers offers your budding scientist a place to ask their questions and get the answers they desire. Our after-school science clubs and summer science camps in Mifflin County, PA, encourage kids to learn more about topics that fascinate them. We may investigate everything from why dinosaurs went extinct to how space travel works.

Your child will learn new things and meet new people. Most of all, they will have fun, which is the aim of all our camps and clubs. Learn more about our opportunities in Mifflin County.

The Importance of STEM for Kids

Science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) form the backbone of so many careers. In an increasingly digital world, kids must understand concepts such as coding, chemistry and biology. Though they may not decide to become scientists, this background can help them no matter what career path they choose, from the dramatic arts to teaching English.

Science encourages kids’ natural curiosity and gets them to question why things work. They approach situations with new eyes when they understand the scientific process. It gives them tools to build on as they age and apply their questions to bigger topics. Other reasons to study STEM include:

  • Building creativity
  • Learning how to problem solve
  • Working in a team environment
  • Seeing how to apply knowledge

Summer Science Camps in Lewistown, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Our summer science camps allow children ages 4-11 to explore scientific concepts in carefully mapped-out experiments and activities where learning goes hand-in-hand with fun. Each week-long camp is held at a place designed to stimulate young minds, such as museums, libraries and gardens. We base our camps on national science standards, building knowledge that will help your child when they return to the classroom.

Kids meet students from other schools and learn to work together to accomplish the goals of our activities and experiments. Making new friends will get your child excited to come to camp each day. For parents who need summer childcare, it’s a relief to drop your child in a place they’re excited to go each morning. Topics we may explore during camp include:

  • Oceanography
  • Ancient cultures
  • Biology

After-School Science Clubs for Children in Elementary School

Our after-school science clubs in Lewiston, PA, make the perfect activity for scientists-in-training as well as kids who struggle with STEM concepts. Both can find rewards in our unique program setup. We undertake age-appropriate experiments and activities that teach children about science through hands-on experience. We send home Parent Pages that detail what we did during the club and follow-up exercises your child can complete at home to learn more.

Each once-a-week club session explores a different topic. They run three to five weeks and take place for one hour right after school. Studies show that students who engage in after-school activities can increase their academic success and improve their behavior. Your child will love coming to the club each week and finding new, sometimes messy and engaging ways to learn about science.

Register Your Kids for Science Clubs and Camps for Kids Today

Our camps and clubs in Lewistown and nearby cities fill up fast. Enroll your child today for an experience that can launch them into the wonderful world of science.

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