Our Topics

2019 Summer Camp Topics

We offer hands-on science camps throughout the summer at various locations across the tri-state region. If you are interested in having a Science Explorers camp at your location please contact us

Slime of My Life…and more!

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2018-19 and turned them into a fun-filled, week-long camp that features a new slime every day, in addition to exploring an array of amazing science!  In the half day camp, you will make chalkboard slime, all new color changing slime and magnetic slime! In addition, you will build inventions like catapults, discover how electricity and circuits work by making conductive dough, and explore biology as you extract DNA from a banana and dissect an owl pellet.  Stay for the full day and you’ll examine anatomy as you make a model lung and observe a real sheep heart, continue our exploration of circuits as you send messages via Morse code and build a metal detector to test objects to see if they are conductors or insulators, and explore wonders of the earth as you erupt a volcano and experiment with pollination. For ages 7-11.

Take a Dive

Dive into the world of marine biology and oceanography! In our half day camp, you’ll dissect a real shark, participate in a fisherman's challenge, examine the anatomy of a fish and learn the ancient technique of gyotaku or “fish rubbing”, learn to survive at sea with a homemade solar still, create a kelp forest and make your own submarine. Stay for the full day camp and come face-to-face with some unique sea creatures!  You'll complete a squid dissection, bring to life genuine Triassic Triops, conduct a whale adaptations lab, and examine many weird wonders that live under the sea!  For ages 7-11.

Potions, Powders and Polymers Academy

Is it science or magic? You’ll find out! In our half day camp, you’ll create erupting foam monsters, conduct amazing air pressure experiments, dig for hidden treasures, investigate the science of illusions and build spectroscopes to view the spectrum of different types of light. Stay for the full day and we’ll reveal many more mysteries of science as we investigate creepy creatures, learn troll tricks, capture a rainbow in a bottle, make instant snow, mix up glowing slime and conduct lab tests on mystery substances. For ages 7-11.

Far Out Space Academy

3…2…1 BLAST OFF to discovering space and flight! Half day campers will explore the stars and constellations as you take an out-of-this-world sky tour in our homemade planetarium, prepare for lift-off as you build and launch your own rocket while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and complete a mission to Mars as you design and build your own model space station, and work in engineering teams to construct space capsules that will be used to launch “eggstronauts”!  Full day campers will continue to use their astronaut wits as we build air powered nano-rovers, make craters and dry ice comets, build a refracting telescope and work with a robotic arm as we learn how astronauts use robots to work on satellites. Come join us on our mission through outer space! For ages 7-11.

Jr. Investigative Team

“Hey there, future Science Explorers, do we have the camp for you!” Join our team of curious tiny-techs as we explore a new theme each day. You will create an edible ocean, experiment with a “magic” magnet bottle, investigate butterflies, discover how birds adapt to their environments and make colorful sidewalk chalk! Children are never too young to be scientists! Half day only for ages 4-6.

Crazy Coding with Rad Robots

Come and explore the world of programming, sensors and artificial intelligence. Campers will learn not only the anatomy of a robot, but how to program them as well. We'll teach the basics of sequential key programming and algorithms as you help the robots play games, complete tasks, and respond to commands through its various sensors. This awesome hands-on experience will leave your child saying "Domo arigato." For ages 7-11.

2019-2020 After-School Club Topics

We offer our after-school clubs at over 250 schools within the mid-Atlantic region. If your school does not currently offer one of our after school clubs please contact us

New! Slime After Slime 

Join in the fun as we make different slime creations over this 3-week intro into the wonderful world of polymers.  We’ll also experiment with magnetic fields as we make a very “attractive” slime, and we’ll explore the electromagnetic spectrum as we create a variety of different types of slime that change color as if by magic in UV light. 

Make Some Noise!

Why does the shriek of a siren change as it passes by?  Can a person’s singing voice really crack a glass?  We’ll keep the good vibrations coming as we investigate the world of sounds and sound energy. Have a percussion party, make musical instruments and experiment with echolocation.  Can you hear me now?

Pop, Bang, Fizz

A pinch of this, a dash of that, some wild reactions are where it’s at! Mix up a frozen ice cream treat and a fizzy bath popper to clean your feet. You won’t believe our mixing fun can teach some science before it’s done. With a pop or a bang or even some fizz, you have just become a chemistry whiz!

Oozy, Odd, Outrageous Animals

From slippery, slimy banana slugs to poison dart frogs, we’ll explore the world of wacky creatures that suck blood, make slime, “fly” without wings, and re-grow all sorts of parts!  Check out a real centipede and see if it really has 100 legs, create your own slug-slime, mix up a vampire bat treat that you can eat, make a “flying” squirrel, examine the anatomy of a frog and complete an optional dissection!

Wild About Weather

Have you ever seen golf ball –sized hail? Watched a lightning bolt slam into a tree and burn it to the ground? Sound scary? Not if you are prepared! Join us to learn all about weather. You, the meteorologist, will create and use your own weather station to predict changes in the weather. Construct a barometer to track air pressure changes, simulate a weather front, calculate wind speeds and make a tornado in a bottle. The forecast is all fun!

Atomic Art

Art and science go hand-in-hand, so put on your smock as we use brushes, bubbles and even nature itself to create scientific works of art.  From building your own spin art machines to making solar prints, you’ll combine creativity and science to fashion many unique masterpieces that go beyond "refrigerator door" art!

Crazy Coding with Rad Robots

(Grades K-2) (Available only at select locations)

Join us for a club full of robotics, programming and pre-coding concepts. Every week we will get one-on-one exploration time with Rad the Robot as we help him find his way through our hands-on challenges. We’ll learn the basics of sequential key programing and algorithms as we help Rad play a game, see what happens when Rad makes a mistake and learn how we can help him “debug” a program, and help Rad find a treasure.  Our tech circle at the end of each club will reinforce learning as students are rewarded with a collectable sticker with the new concept and vocab word of the day.

Robotics 101

(Grades 3-5) (Available only at select locations)

Come and explore the world of programming, sensors and artificial intelligence. We’ll be learning about basic robotic sensors, how robots think and how to control robotic behaviors. Each week is a great opportunity for students to use their Computational Thinking skills to complete challenges and games. Students will be designing and building a robotic lion with a sound sensor, build a crazy robotic insect with an infrared sensor that we’ll round out with a wild bug race, and program a robot to write their name.