School Assemblies

Get the entire student body in on the fun! Choose from the topics listed below and get your students excited about science!

“Crazy Chemistry” – Join us as we create exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions, examine the effects of dry ice through the process of sublimation, observe color changes of acids and bases, produce a foam gnome, and show a suspension by making slippery slime! Students will learn the scientific method, roles of a scientist, and laboratory safety. They may even get a chance to get in on the fun and assist the presenter with an experiment!

“Motion Commotion” – The action never stops as we learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Witness the amazing effects of air pressure, create a low pressure system using tornado force winds, and find out if air really does have weight as we launch into some rockin’ experiments.

“Kooky Concoctions” – What does H2O + MnO2 + KI + C18H36O2Na equal? An uproar of thrilled children!  We’ll use scientific powers to unleash a genie in a bottle, create a foamy concoction of “elephant toothpaste”, and experiment with CO2 to make floating bubbles and a rainbow of color changes. You’ll have a wild time watching this kooky array of experiments. Who knew science could be so much fun?!

“Let’s Get Energized!” – Join us as we explore energy and its various forms.  Learn the secret of the golden lever, watch as energy is transferred and helps make things fly with our giant slingshot, see our floating hovercraft in action, and even be part of a human extension cord to make a light glow.  It’s sure to be electrifying!

*Assemblies are approximately 50 minutes in length.

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