Science Explorers
Science Explorers

After-School Science Clubs for Kids in Washington, D.C.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your child learning long after the last bell rings, Science Explorers is the answer! Our programs combine a little innovation, creativity, learning and a whole lot of fun.

Science Explorers’ after-school science clubs in the Washington, D.C. area are designed to turn your child into an avid lover of all things STEM-related — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. From crafting gooey slime creations to uncovering the mysteries of the earth itself, each new adventure will have your child begging to stay a little longer after school!

Fun-Filled STEM Clubs for Your Young Scientists

From ecological excitement to magical mysteries, you’ll find topics for every budding scientist in your home or classroom. Our instructors help your young students build on their sense of wonder and curiosity to answer some of their most burning questions. What do animals eat for dinner? How does blood get through your body? And why is slime so…slimy?

We serve up the fun in our array of elementary school science clubs — your young scientist will have a blast while also learning valuable STEM skills. The learning and growing never stop, and neither will your child’s passion for each eye-popping experiment!

Take a look at our current after-school science clubs in Washington, D.C.:


  • Anatomy Academy: Take a journey through one of the most complex organisms in the universe — you! Kids will be amazed at how complex their skin, memories and heart actually are as they get a hands-on glimpse at a model lung, polymer brains and a real sheep heart.
  • Blinded by the Light: Have you ever thought about how incredible light is? Now you will. Your child’s creativity will be illuminated as they make light bounce, scatter and bend with a light maze, UV detectors and a slippy, slimy goo tube.
  • Earth’s Mysteries: Earth — we all live here, so why not learn more about all the incredible things that truly make this planet home? Uncover the mysteries of the animal kingdom as we dissect an owl pellet, observe strange animals and save the world one water filter at a time — there’s no end to the discoveries your child can make in this fascinating world!
  • Invention Lab: Any child with a love for creating fun and fantastic inventions won’t want to leave our Invention Lab. Build a metal detector, a catapult or a circuit to send super-secret messages in Morse code — we jam-pack a little bit of everything into this after-school club!
  • Magical Mixtures: Who says there’s no such thing as magic! Kids learn that science itself is a magical adventure as they conduct experiments on slime, magic sand and disappearing crystals and create our ever-popular “matter monster.”
  • Slime Time: Turn your child’s love of slime into a love for STEM. Kids discover the secrets behind this ooey-gooey substance as they explore the wonders of polymer chemistry.


Do you have a young robot enthusiast in your family? Check out these coding programs, available at select locations:


  • Crazy Coding With Rad Robots: Programming, robotics and pre-coding — oh my! Kids in kindergarten through second grade learn the basics of programming with Rad the Robot as they help Rad on a series of adventures.
  • Robotics 101: Keep the fun rolling with Robotics 101 — Science Explorers’ programming camp for kids in third grade through fifth grade. Students will complete fun-filled challenges and games that teach them about programming and the world of artificial intelligence.


Open the Door to Hands-On Adventures and a Lifetime of Memories

Teach your kids about science in the most fun way possible — through Science Explorers! We offer elementary school science clubs for kids throughout the Washington, D.C. area. We can’t wait to start your child’s fun-filled STEM adventure. If your school hasn’t yet teamed up with Science Explorers, talk to one of your school’s administrator’s today and have them contact us to set up a program!

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