What is The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation?

The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation (Science Projects Are Really Kids’ Stuff) is a dynamic science education non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to strengthening, enhancing and enriching students’ interest in science and STEM in general. To date, we have funded well over $1 million worth of science programs to schools and to income-eligible students.  We are making a difference for students, for schools and for businesses who are desperate for workers with a strong background in the sciences. Education is the key to a student’s future success and a chance for a better quality of life. We can only continue to make a difference with your help!

Please consider adding $5 or more to your Science Explorers registration, where you see the prompt, when signing up your child. It will come to The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation and help so many students!


The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation is uniqueWe are one of the only non-profits funding science to schools, during the school day as well as beyond school hours. Schools’ budgets are so tight that funding for a subject as vital as science and STEM is almost non-existent and has taken a back seat to math and English.  The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation reaches students in the mid-Atlantic region but also in many other parts of the US including Tulsa OK, Chicago IL, Rochester NY, Oakridge TN, and others. And students have fun learning!


Do our programs make a difference?  Teachers and principals tell us YES!

  • “Your team did a fabulous job keeping the students actively engaged while using kinesthetic learning! During the individual classroom lessons I saw a student who never shows much emotion smiling from ear to ear. That said it all to me that the program was well worth it!” Clay Elementary, Ephrata, PA
  • “Thank you, S.P.A.R.K.S., for the wonderful program. The students were beyond thrilled! Bringing these programs in to our school exposes these children to experiences they may never get to have. They had so much fun and learned so much.” Heights Terrace Elementary, Hazleton, PA
  • “It is with sincere appreciation that I write this email for all you have done to bring wonderful science experiences to Lenape Meadows students. Your lessons have fostered so many thoughtful and insightful scientific questions throughout the school, and in many subject areas. The lessons have been a rich addition to our programs; you make sure they are aligned to our new science curriculum . . .” Principal, Paterson, NJ


How Can You Help?

Individuals: Your tax-deductible donation in any amount allows us to reach more deserving students.  It’s easy to donate online too! www.sparksfoundation.org/give

PA Businesses: Our foundation is an approved EIO in PA’s EITC Program. Located outside of PA?  Your tax-deductible contribution is very important to the work we do! www.sparksfoundation.org/give


Want to know more? Go to www.sparksfoundation.org  to learn more.

Or contact Julie Merrill, Executive Director at 1-877-870-9517 or jmerrill@sparksfoundation.org