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Science Camps in Cumberland County, PA

Does your child go into a new school year with a foggy brain? Are you looking for an educational experience for them this summer? If your child loves science, then Science Explorers is the place for them! We offer educational, hands-on science summer camps across Pennsylvania — including Mechanicsburg and Duncannon — plus Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland!

Let your child have fun this summer while they learn during our full-day and half-day camps. They’ll become even more curious about the world around them and we can quench that curiosity with topics in engineering, math, technology and science!

Pick a Summer Camp for Your Kids in the Camp Hill, PA, Area

No matter what scientific topics interest your child the most, we have a camp for you. Our fun and knowledgeable educators will teach your child through exciting, hands-on activities that will give your kids a lifelong love of science. Our summer camp options this year include:

  • Ready, Set, Science! — Your child will explore a new topic every day! We’ll use a gadget that detects static electricity. We’ll put on our chemist hats and find the colors hidden in our favorite candy. We’ll become engineers and compete against our friends in a pulley race. Your child will do these activities and more in this full-day camp! For children ages 7-11.
  • Fizz, Bang, Boom, Bot! — Calling all future roboticists! To create working robots, your child will study concepts in physics, electricity and chemistry. In our half-day camp, you’ll build your own motorized device and experiment with light. If you choose to stay the whole day, you’ll get to build your robot, study what happens at different air pressures and compete with other campers in a tall tower contest! For children ages 7-11.
  • Potions, Powders & Polymers — Could it be magic? In the half-day camp, we’ll experiment with air pressure, dig for buried treasure and make spectroscopes. Staying for the full day gives your child the opportunity to examine weird creatures, learn fun tricks, make their own snow and do experiments to figure out a mystery substance. For children ages 7-11.
  • Take a Dive — Do the mysteries of the ocean fascinate your child? Then this is the perfect camp for them! In the morning, we’ll complete a dissection on a real shark, do a fisherman’s challenge and learn gyotaku, or “fish rubbing.” If you stay the whole day, we’ll do another dissection and complete a lab about whale adaptation. For children ages 7-11.
  • Young scientist choice — This half-day camp is for our younger campers. We’ll learn about different habitats by digging for dinosaurs, exploring our own caves and making rainforest animals. For children ages 4-6.

STEM Counts 

Kids love our summer camps because they can have a great time while they learn. Our topics in science, technology, engineering and science add to what they learn in school. At the end of the summer, they’ll start their new school year excited to learn! If your child is ready to have a fun, hands-on experience this summer, search for a camp in Cumberland County today!

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