• What: Half Day Camp ($229.00)
  • When: 9:00am - 12:00pm — July 24th, 2017; July 25th, 2017; July 26th, 2017; July 27th, 2017; July 28th, 2017
  • Where: Sacred Heart Academy - Bryn Mawr, PA [Google Map]

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2016-17 and turned them into a fun-filled week-long camp! Each day we’ll explore a different topic: Become kitchen chemists and investigate ingredients that pop, fizz, and foam. Transform cream to butter, create gooey gum drops and make your own frozen slushie. Become a geologist and build and erupt your own volcano. Enter the world of paleontology and uncover the stories that fossils tell and participate in a dinosaur dig. Put on your CSI badge and use forensic techniques to lift prints, conduct simulated blood typing and use a black light to reveal glowing evidence.  Blast off to an out of this world adventure as you investigate space and the final frontier. Launch film canister rockets, construct a telescope and take on an astronaut challenge. Finally join our physics team and make Bernoulli ball poppers, create an electric game and mix up a fizzy, foaming fountain!

This camp is for Ages 7 - 11.


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