• What: Half Day - 4-day camp ($189.00)
  • When: 8:00am - 11:00am — July 24th, 2017; July 25th, 2017; July 26th, 2017; July 27th, 2017
  • Where: Central Bucks Community School - Central Bucks West [Google Map]

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2016-17 and turned them into a fun-filled week-long camp! Each day we’ll explore a different topic: Become kitchen chemists and investigate ingredients that pop, fizz, and foam. Transform cream to butter, create gooey gum drops and make your own frozen slushie. Become a geologist and build and erupt your own volcano. Enter the world of paleontology and uncover the stories that fossils tell and participate in a dinosaur dig. Put on your CSI badge and use forensic techniques to lift prints, conduct simulated blood typing and use a black light to reveal glowing evidence.  Blast off to an out of this world adventure as you investigate space and the final frontier. Launch film canister rockets, construct a telescope and take on an astronaut challenge. Finally join our physics team and make Bernoulli ball poppers, create an electric game and mix up a fizzy, foaming fountain!

This camp is for Ages 7 - 11.



2017 Summer Camps are being held at CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL AT 1100 FOLLY ROAD, WARRINGTON, PA 18976.  

Parents should use the "AUDITORIUM" entrance.  When you enter the building there will be a staff member to assist you with directions.


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