Robotics 101 (Grades 3-5)

  • What: 8-week After-School Club ($149.00)
  • When: 3:00-4:00 — October 30th, 2018; November 6th, 2018; November 13th, 2018; November 20th, 2018; November 27th, 2018; December 4th, 2018; December 11th, 2018; December 18th, 2018
  • Where: Holy Cross School - Dover, DE [Google Map]

Come and explore the world of programming, sensors and artificial intelligence. We’ll be learning about basic robotic sensors, how robots think and how to control robotic behaviors. Each week is a  great opportunity for students to use their Computational Thinking skills to complete challenges and games. Students will be designing and building a robotic lion with a sound sensor, build a crazy robotic insect with an infrared sensor that we’ll round out with a wild bug race, and program a robot to write their name.


This Tuesday club is for grades 3-5 and held in the Science Lab.  Pick up will be in the lobby.

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