Ready, Set, Science!

  • What: Upper Gwyneed Township Park & Rec
  • When: 9:00-12:00 — June 18th, 2018; June 19th, 2018; June 20th, 2018; June 21st, 2018; June 22nd, 2018
  • Where: Upper Gwynedd Township Parks and Recreation - North Wales, PA [Google Map]

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2017-18 and turned them into a fun-filled week-long camp! Each day we’ll explore a different topic. We’ll make exciting gadgets as we explore electricity. Build a circuit to create a buzzer, make an electromagnet, create a device to detect static charge and construct a working water wheel. Become chemists as we get elbow deep in chemistry. Discover the secret colors in candy, conduct heat sensitive experiments to make “mood slime”, and make a mixture that acts like a liquid AND a solid.  Create a chemical reaction to launch film canister rockets, whip up some fizzy bath poppers and mix up a bubbling density concoction.  Become engineers as we explore some marvelous machines and discover how they make work easier and more fun! Compete with your friends in a pulley race, construct a lever to make a cool catapult, and explore gears that make wind-up toys. Finally, we’ll create colorful beach bags using chromatography, make super sidewalk chalk and build solar ovens! For children ages 7-11.

To register for this camp:  Go to or call 215-699-7777 


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