Ready, Set, Science!

  • What: Full Day - 4-Day Camp ($320.00)
  • When: 8:00-2:30 — July 9th, 2018; July 10th, 2018; July 11th, 2018; July 12th, 2018
  • Where: Central Bucks Community School - Central Bucks West [Google Map]

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2017-18 and turned them into a fun-filled week-long camp! Each day we’ll explore a different topic. We’ll make exciting gadgets as we explore electricity. Build a circuit to create a buzzer, make an electromagnet, create a device to detect static charge and construct a working water wheel. Become chemists as we get elbow deep in chemistry. Discover the secret colors in candy, conduct heat sensitive experiments to make “mood slime”, and make a mixture that acts like a liquid AND a solid.  Create a chemical reaction to launch film canister rockets, whip up some fizzy bath poppers and mix up a bubbling density concoction.  Become engineers as we explore some marvelous machines and discover how they make work easier and more fun! Compete with your friends in a pulley race, construct a lever to make a cool catapult, and explore gears that make wind-up toys. Finally, we’ll create colorful beach bags using chromatography, make super sidewalk chalk and build solar ovens! For children ages 7-11.

Camp is held at Central Bucks West High School, 375 W. Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901.

Parents may park in the faculty parking ot on the side of the school. 

Instructors will meet the campers in the Lobby.

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