NEW for 2016: Forensics Academy

  • What: Full Day Camp ($395.00)
  • When: 9am-3:30pm — July 11th, 2016; July 12th, 2016; July 13th, 2016; July 14th, 2016; July 15th, 2016
  • Where: Nolde Forest Environmental Education Ctr. - Reading, PA [Google Map]

Become a Science Explorers CSI! We'll use forensic techniques to document a "crime scene", lift fingerprints, complete an analysis of mystery powders, conduct simulated blood testing, extract DNA from strawberries, perform fiber analysis, and use a black light to reveal glowing evidence. See if you'll be the one to crack the case! Full day camp only for ages 7-11. 

Summer camps are held in the McConnell Hall-Education Center.

From Route 625 enter at Nolde Park Office lane.  At stop sign turn left to enter McConnell parking lot.  Then follow walking path across driveway to McConnell Hall. 

The phone number is (610) 796-3699. 

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