Far Out Space Academy

  • What: Full Day Camp, 4 Day ($316.00)
  • When: 8:00-2:30pm — July 25th, 2016; July 26th, 2016; July 27th, 2016; July 28th, 2016
  • Where: Central Bucks Community School - Central Bucks West [Google Map]

3…2…1 BLAST OFF to discovering space and flight! Half day campers will explore the stars and constellations as you take an out-of-this-world sky tour in our homemade planetarium, prepare for lift-off as you build and launch your own rocket while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and complete a mission to Mars as you design and build your own model space station.  Full day campers will continue to use their astronaut wits as we build air powered nano-rovers, make craters and dry ice comets, and work in engineering teams to construct space capsules that will be used to launch “eggstronauts”!  Come join us on our mission through outer space! 

For children ages 7-11.

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