Summer Science Camp Kits

Every summer, Science Explorers sparks a passion in children, aged 4-11, with our widely popular summer science camps in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware. Now, we are excited to offer the curriculum, lesson plans, supplies, and support in a one week Science Explorers Camp Kit to all areas across the country!

Ever dissect a shark? What about a squid? Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime? Examined a real heart? Built and launched your own rocket? Lifted a person using nothing but air? These are some of the awesome experiments that make our science camps so popular!

Our science camp kits enable you to run a seamless, week-long day camp, while providing students with the unique opportunity to conduct fun and engaging hands-on science experiments. We provide all of the curriculum, supplies and support; you take your own registrations and reap the benefits (and profits!) of an awesome summer science camp!

Our One Week Science Camp Kits Include:

  • Complete curriculum for the selected camp topic—20 lessons for full day camp, 10 lessons for half day camp
  • All supplies for each lesson in the selected camp topic
  • A teacher bag for the lead instructor packed with all of the classroom supplies and odds and ends needed to conduct a successful camp
  • Access to the Science Explorers’ video portal and online video trainings for every camp lesson
  • Full-time help desk for instructors to call with questions regarding experiments and lessons

$5,995 for a one week science camp for up to 23 students, ages 7-11

$2,995 for a one week half day science camp for up to 23 students, ages 4-6 or 7-11

*Curriculum authorized for a single use only.

**Limited perishable materials not included—provided by host site or instructor

Camp Kit Topics

Slime of My Life…and more!

We’ve taken our after-school club programs from 2018-19 and turned them into a fun-filled, week-long camp that features a new slime every day, in addition to exploring an array of amazing science! In the half day morning camp we will make chalkboard slime and all new color changing slime and magnetic slime! In addition, we’ll build inventions like catapults, discover how electricity and circuits work by making conductive dough, and explore biology as we extract DNA from a banana and dissect an owl pellet. Stay for the full day and we’ll examine anatomy as we make a model lung and observe a real sheep heart, continue our exploration of circuits as we send messages via Morse code and build a metal detector to test objects to see if they are conductors or insulators, and explore wonders of the earth as we erupt a volcano and experiment with pollination.

Take a Dive

Dive into the world of marine biology and oceanography! In our half day camp you’ll dissect a real shark, participate in a fisherman’s challenge, examine the anatomy of a fish and learn the ancient technique of gyotaku or “fish rubbing”, learn to survive at sea with a homemade solar still, create a kelp forest and make your own submarine. Stay for the full day camp and come face-to-face with some unique sea creatures! You’ll complete a squid dissection, bring to life genuine Triassic Triops, conduct a whale adaptations lab, and examine many weird wonders that live under the sea!

Potions, Powders and Polymers Academy

Is it science or magic? You’ll find out! In our half day camp you’ll create erupting foam monsters, conduct amazing air pressure experiments, dig for hidden treasures, investigate the science of illusions and build spectroscopes to view the spectrum of different types of light. Stay for the full day and we’ll reveal many mysteries of science as we investigate creepy creatures, learn troll tricks, capture a rainbow in a bottle, make instant snow, mix up glowing slime and conduct lab tests on mystery substances. For ages 7-11.

Far Out Space Academy 3…2…1

BLAST OFF to discovering space and flight! Half day campers will explore the stars and constellations as you take an out-of-this-world sky tour in our homemade planetarium, prepare for lift-off as you build and launch your own rocket while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and complete a mission to Mars as you design and build your own model space station. Full day campers will continue to use their astronaut wits as we build air powered nano-rovers, make craters and dry ice comets, and work in engineering teams to construct space capsules that will be used to launch “eggstronauts”! Come join us on our mission through outer space!

Jr. Investigative Team
(Half day only-for ages 4-6)

“Hey there, future Science Explorers, do we have the camp for you!” Join our team of curious tiny-techs as we explore a new theme each day. We will create an edible ocean, experiment with a “magic” magnet bottle, investigate butterflies, discover how birds adapt to their environments and make colorful sidewalk chalk! Children are never too young to be scientists!

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