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STEM After School Clubs in DE, NJ and PA

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — STEM professionals are among the most in-demand, skilled workers in the world. Unfortunately, the number of American students who choose to pursue STEM as a career lags behind the number of interested students from other nations. At Science Explorers, we help curious children discover the fun of science while developing a passion for problem solving — passion that can lead to rewarding careers.

Science Explorers provides fun, collaborative learning opportunities that can give your children the extra boost they need to turn a passing interest into a lifelong pursuit. If you have a child who demonstrates an early interest in science, technology, engineering or math, enrolling in a STEM after school club may be the perfect way to encourage a love for discovery.

STEM Clubs for Kids

Science Explorers offers STEM clubs for kids in PA, NJ and DE for grades 1 through 5. Enroll your child for our chemistry-themed Pop, Bang, Fizz, where making ice cream and fizzy bath poppers are just some of the fun and enriching activities. If your child loves the outdoors, try Wild About Weather — STEM club members learn how to predict upcoming events using a weather station they construct themselves.

In Make Some Noise, your child can learn about sound energy with musical instruments and echolocation. Explosive Art is the perfect choice for the future STEM student who thrives in a creative environment. Animal lovers are sure to enjoy Oozy, Odd, Outrageous Animals, where everything from banana slugs to poison dart frogs turn the average after school afternoon into an exciting study of biology and zoology.

STEM Is Fun!

At Science Explorers, we know STEM is fun. We aren’t doing a project unless we know your child is going to enjoy it. Our programs are designed by educators and approved by kids everywhere. Science Explorers is delighted to offer STEM clubs for kids in NJ, PA and DE schools, as well as parks and recreations facilities, libraries, museums and more. When you enroll your child in a Science Explorers after school STEM program, fun and learning happen at the same time.

Our educators work hard to develop curricula that complement the projects already going on in your child’s classroom. This creates a familiar environment while also giving your child the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the topics that interest him most. Our education principles align with national science standards, assuring the partnership of continuity and discovery. With Science Explorers, the enriching experience we provide enhances your child’s classroom experience in a fun and innovative way.

Make After School Interesting With a STEM Club 

When it comes to keeping your child enriched, no other after school program can provide the innovative learning opportunities that Science Explorers can. When you enroll your student in a STEM after school club, your child can build a working volcano or dissect a shark — all under the experienced guidance of our enthusiastic educators. Don’t let another week pass with afternoons spent in front of a screen. Keep your child engaged instead with Science Explorers and STEM!

Science Explorers updates our after school STEM club offerings continuously in the PADENJ and MD regions.

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