After-School Science Club Kits

Our after-school science clubs give children the opportunity to experience science like never before. To expand the incredible impact that our clubs offer children, ages 6-11, we are excited to now offer club kits to provide everything your school will need to run your own Science Explorers Club!

Children will love exploring topics such as light behavior, anatomy, and earth’s mysteries in a fun and captivating way with these kits!

2019 Clubs Kits

Ever touched a real heart? How about an owl pellet? Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime? Built your own catapult? What about your own metal detector? Communicated in Morse Code? Captured a rainbow in a tube? These are some of the awesome experiments that make our science clubs so popular!

Our science club kits enable you to run a seamless, 3 to 5 week after-school science club, while providing students with the unique opportunity to conduct fun and engaging hands-on experiments. We provide all of the curriculum, supplies and support; you take your own registrations and reap the benefits (and profits!) of an awesome after-school science club!

Our After-School Science Kits Include:

  • Complete curriculum for the selected club topic
  • All supplies for each lesson in the selected club topic
  • A teacher bag for the lead instructor packed with all of the classroom supplies and odds and ends needed to conduct a successful club
  • Access to the Science Explorers’ video portal and online video trainings for every club lesson
  • Full-time help desk for instructors to call with questions regarding experiments and lessons

$1,495 for one 5-week science club for up to 23 students, ages 6-11

$995 for one 3-week science club for up to 23 students, ages 6-11

*Curriculum authorized for a single use only.

**Limited perishable materials not included—provided by host site or instructor

Club Kit Topics

Slime Time (3 Week Club — Available In Junior)

Prepare to get elbow deep in gooey fun as you make different slime creations over this 3 week intro into the world of polymer chemistry. You’ll make amazing color-changing slime, textured slime with growing orbs and neon slime that you can turn into art!

Magical Mixtures (5 Week Club — Available In Junior)

Join Science Explorers’ Magical Mixtures lab and explore the science behind the magic! Reveal a rainbow of colors in our acid and base lab, mix up an exothermic reaction to create a “matter monster”, conduct experiments on mystery powders and uncover the secrets of glowing slime, disappearing crystals and magic sand. These fun-filled experiments will amaze you and your friends!

Invention Lab (5 Week Club)

Calling all inventors! If you like to tinker with things, then boy do we have a club for you. Construct a metal detector, create a circuit with a switch for your own mini-shiner, create a cool catapult, and build a circuit to send secret messages with Morse code.

Blinded By The Light (5 Week Club —Available In Junior)

It bends, it bounces, it scatters! Explore the science behind color and light in this exciting hands-on exploration of the science that illuminates our world. Make a rockin’ rainbow tube, create a light maze, experiment with UV detectors, and make a glowing goo tube.

Anatomy Academy (5 Week Club)

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose…..lungs, heart, brain and skin….where should our Pre-Med club begin? Take a journey into the human body as you examine your heaviest organ (your skin!), find out how to make your memory better, and learn how the heart pumps blood. We’ll continue our fun in the lab as we grow polymer brains, examine a real sheep heart, make a model lung, and extract DNA from a banana.

Earth’s Mysteries (5 Week Club — Available In Junior)

Join us as we learn more about this planet we call home. Find out who is predator and who is prey in the food chain as we dissect an owl pellet and see what was for dinner. Discover strange animals and rocks that glow, investigate non-point pollution and make a filter to clean water. There is so much to learn about our fascinating world!

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