Slime of My Life Camp

Camp Intro and Tie Dying

Secret Colors (no video; use written lessons)

Fluffy & Colorful Slime

Under Pressure

Marvelous Magnets (no video; use written lesson)

Crazy Catapults

Dot Dash Dot

Metal Mania (Note there is an update to the directions in the lesson along with new pictures.)

Heat Sensitive & Chalkboard Slime

Electric Dough

Sun Catchers

Rockin’ Rainbows

Who Glows There? (no video; use written lesson)

Dynamic DNA (Note there is a procedure change in written lesson that you should follow for the dna extraction.)

Take a Deep Breath

You Gotta Have Heart

Slime with Polymer Orbs

Predator VS Prey

Don’t Blow Your Top

Plants & Pollinators

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Is it Magic No - Science!

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