Crazy Coding with Rad Robots

Kit  A

Meet Rad the Robot

Rad Plays a Game

Rad Makes a Mistake

Rad Finds Treasure

Rad Goes to School

Rad Uses LED Colors

Rad Plays a Song

Rad Goes to the Zoo

Rad Takes Pictures

Rad Finds a Cliff

Rad Goes to a Party

Rad Sees Invisible Light

Rad Makes Art

Rad Knows Binary Code

Rad Knows Bits

Makes a Show

Kit  B

Lion Tamer

Crazy Bugs

– A
Day at the Zoo

Firefly Races

Fun House

Bumper Cars

Robot Artists

Robot Bowling

Sole Survivor

Find the Treasure

Escape from the Jungle

Capture the Aliens


Sumo Wrestling

Dungeon Escape

Hypnotizing Patterns

Tri-Racer Robot Video

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