After School Science Clubs PA

After-School Science Clubs for Kids in PA

If you’d like your child to explore science in an engaging, creative way, Science Explorers is the answer! Our hands-on afterschool science clubs make learning about science fun. Your kids can create a foaming monster, or make groovy lava lamp test tubes. Kids can even travel back in time to the age of pyramid-building in Egypt! Through it all, your child will uncover science concepts through experiments, activities and lively discussion.

Science Clubs That Offer Enriching, Engaging Experiences for Your Budding Scientist

At Science Explorers, our instructors serve up the fun in approachable ways. It’s all about taking classroom learning to the next level by focusing on hands-on experimentation. Through the process, your child will collaborate with others to create and discover. Not only do our clubs ignite a passion for science, but they also help build confidence and essential social skills.

Check out our innovative clubs:

  • Mix It Up! — For our anniversary, we’re celebrating with this special three-session club, which features our top three favorite hands-on science activities. It’s chemistry mixed with creativity and covered in fun! From our super-popular “Matter Monster” that foams to building a motorized invention and making lava lamp test tubes, your child won’t even notice there’s learning going on!
  • Abracadabra! — Master the art of illusion while uncovering the scientific secrets lurking behind the tricks. Kids will amaze friends with invisible ink, by making an egg float or sink on command, and walking through a piece of regular copy paper.
  • Burps, Belches & Bad Breath — Finally, a time when it’s acceptable to talk about mucus, gas and bodily smells! Your child will have a chance to uncover the wacky science happening in all human bodies by creating body sprays that help us smell good, making a gas-bubbles explosion, mixing up noisy putty and more.
  • Freaky Physics — What happens when you mix some energy with matter? At Science Explorers, we like to call it Freaky Physics! We’ll build a circuit to create a motorized drawing-bot, change states of matter to make slippery slime, and mix up gas that’s heavier than air. Your budding scientist will see how physics plays a key role in building as they form engineering teams to see who can build the tallest towers.
  • Secrets of Ancient Egypt — We’ll travel back in time to ancient Egypt to discover how they used science everyday. From learning how to tell time using the sun and decoding Egyptian writings to creating a mummy and building a model shadoof, your explorer will uncover the science behind the times.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? — What happens to our lunch after we eat it? What’s really running through our veins? To find out the answers to these and more pressing questions, your child can participate in these five fun-filled “office visits” designed to kick senses into high gear and stimulate the mind. We’ll make a model of the digestive system, create edible blood and even investigate a real sheep brain!

The STEM Behind Our Science Clubs

Our Science Clubs feature a curriculum that aligns with national science standards and encourages a lifelong passion for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We offer after-school science clubs to kids in Delaware County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Berks County and Bucks County.

If your school participates with Science Explorers, sign your child up today. If your school hasn’t yet partnered with us, we urge you to speak with a decision-maker at your school about hosting these innovative and enriching clubs.

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