After School Science Clubs NJ

After-School Science Clubs for Kids in NJ

What happens when you mix all the elements of the natural world and add a dash of innovation? You get after-school science clubs from Science Explorers! Each of our science clubs in Burlington County, Gloucester County and Camden County, NJ are specifically designed to turn the youngster into your life into a lover of all things STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our professional educators lead our programs, and they are passionate about creating a learning environment that turns any classroom into a fun, educational adventure!

Unlock the Secrets of Science Through Hands-On, Collaborative Experiments

Every exciting Science Explorers after-school science club has been structured to extend the curriculum your child is already getting in school. Our format is designed to expand upon what your children are learning in their textbooks. From the grossest to the coolest topics, we tackle everything at Science Explorers. Your budding scientist will eagerly look forward to our after-school clubs that make education a thrilling voyage into the scientific realm!

Learn more about the after-school science clubs we offer in NJ:

  • Mix It Up! — To celebrate the anniversary of Science Explorers, we’re giving students the opportunity to participate in three of our favorite activities during Mix It Up! This is a three-session club that’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of science. From chemistry to motors to test tubes, Mix It Up! has a little bit of everything.
  • Abracadabra! – Who says magic doesn’t exist? In Abracadabra!, your child will be able to perform some incredible feats thanks a little science that’s more skill than trickery. Can eggs really sink and float… on command? Is invisible ink the real deal? Can you walk through an ordinary piece of paper? Find out during Abracadabra!
  • Burps, Belches & Bad Breath – It’s stinky, it’s icky, but it’s here to stay: mucus. During this program, we tackle all the reasons our bodies do all the things we think are so weird. From the creatures living inside us to what our cells do to cause sweat, we’ll find out what’s going on. Plus, your kids will have the chance to play around with chemistry, mixing up gas bubbles, noisy putty and stomach acid neutralizer. It’s grossly amazing!
  • Freaky Physics – Energy and matter mix marvelously during Freaky Physics, the after-school science club that takes on questions about the physical world. Your kid will mix up heavier-than-air gas, create slime, and engineer a circuit to make a motorized “drawing-bot”. Best of all? We hold a team-oriented competition to build the tallest tower in the class!
  • Secrets of Ancient Egypt – Kids everywhere are fascinated by ancient Egypt, but many don’t realize the Egyptians used science daily. As we build pyramids, use the sun to tell what time it is, create a mummy and decode Egyptian hieroglyphs, we’ll start to see how valuable the knowledge of Egypt is today. Where else can you mummify an apple after school?
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? – Kids and medicine go hand-in-hand. Our instructors treat the five “office visits” as a chance to explain everything from digestion to respiration. Your kids will make edible blood, investigate a brain, stimulate their minds and more!

Science Explorers – Opening the Doors to Adventure

Ready to begin the adventure? Our after-school science clubs are available at select NJ elementary schools in Burlington County, Gloucester County and Camden County. If your school already participates in Science Explorers, sign your kids up today. If your school does not currently offer Science Explorers, ask them to contact us now!

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