After School Science Clubs MD

After-School Science Clubs for Kids in MD

What do you get when you mix science with creativity, add a dash of collaboration, and then cover it in fun? Science Explorers! Our after-school science clubs for kids in MD serve up STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in a fun, engaging and enriching way. Through hands-on experiments and lively discussions, your child will uncover scientific principles while building confidence and essential social skills.

From the Human Body to Magic, There’s Something for Every Budding Scientist

With a range of innovative and engaging topics, our instructors have something to offer every budding scientist. They can build a foaming monster, make lava lamp test tubes, or travel back in time to ancient Egypt. At Science Explorers, we make classroom learning more interesting by providing plenty of hands-on experimentation.

Take a look at our science clubs:

  • Mix It Up! — In celebration of our anniversary, we have picked the top three hands-on science activities for this special three-session club. If your child hasn’t yet tried out one of our clubs or wants to experience the favorites, this is the perfect way to do it. Kids don’t even notice there’s learning going on with all of the fun of creating the ever-popular “Matter Monster”, making test tube lava lamps and building a motorized invention.
  • Abracadabra! — We’ll explore the art of illusion to uncover the scientific secrets behind the tricks. Kids will love being able to impress their friends by commanding an egg to sink or float, walking through a piece of copy paper and using invisible ink.
  • Burps, Belches & Bad Breath — Science just got gross! With this club, your child can celebrate all the grossness of the human body by making explosions from gas bubbles, mixing up some noisy putty and more. We’ll learn about the role mucus plays in the human diet, find out where our body produces a cement-like substance, and discover the little creatures living and thriving in us.
  • Freaky Physics — What do you get when you mix matter and energy? We like to call it Freaky Physics! In this club, kids get the chance to see firsthand how physics plays a key role in building. They’ll compete in teams to build the tallest tower. They’ll also create slippery slime by changing states of matter and creating a motorized drawing-bot by building a circuit. We’ll even mix up a gas that’s heavier than air!
  • Secrets of Ancient Egypt — How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids, mummify bodies and irrigate their land? Your child will discover these feats and more by traveling back in time through hands-on experiments. We’ll mummify an apple, learn how to use the sun to tell time, decode Egyptian writings and build a model shadoof.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? — With five fun-filled “office visits”, senses will get kicked into high gear while the mind is stimulated. Find out what’s running through our veins and what happens to our lunch after we eat it. We’ll get hands-on by investigating a real sheep brain, making a digestive system model and creating edible blood.

Engage and Inspire Your Kids Through Hands-on Science Fun

With Science Explorers, your kids experience science the way it should be: through hands-on fun! We offer after-school science clubs for kids in Harford County, Baltimore County, Cecil County and Carroll County.

If your school participates with Science Explorers, sign your child up today! If your school hasn’t yet teamed up with Science Explorers, contact a decision-maker at your school today to get the ball rolling!

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