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After-School Science Clubs for Kids in DE

Think learning stops when the school bell rings? Not if your child has the opportunity to come to a Science Explorers after-school science club! Our unique style of exciting, hands-on learning is available at elementary schools throughout New Castle County, Wilmington and Kent County, DE. Each science club workshop is designed to be an adventure into all the areas that kids love to learn about — including chemistry, energy and anatomy.

Our instructors are highly-trained professionals who are passionate about bringing STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to life in unforgettable, inspiring ways!

Kids and Science – The Perfect Pairing for Collaborative Fun

Young students throughout DE are fascinated by the natural world, and Science Explorers builds on their innate sense of curiosity. We help them safely learn the answers to the burning questions they have, such as why their bodies work in such weird and gross ways, and how to build a motorized ‘bot.’ There’s no science topic we won’t tackle, and your child will look forward to every thrilling experiment!

Our current after-school science clubs in DE include:

  • Mix It Up! — This is the perfect introduction to Science Explorers for new students who are just beginning our after-school science clubs! It includes three sessions of pure excitement and wonder, filled with test tubes and motors and more. We jam-pack a little bit of everything that makes Science Explorers the talk of school the next day!
  • Abracadabra! – Think magic is the best-kept secret? We’re exposing the truth behind all the trickery and illusions using science. During Abracadabra, eggs will sink and float with a command from your child, invisible ink will unlock codes, and students will seemingly walk through a piece of copy paper.
  • Burps, Belches & Bad Breath – Why do our bodies create mucus and make weird noises, not to mention all those bizarre smells? This after-school science club gets to the heart of the matter by taking a tour throughout the human body, and then recreating what we find. From gas bubbles to noisy putty, we’ll use hands-on chemistry experiments to get to the bottom of everything from perspiration to stomach acid.
  • Freaky Physics – There’s nothing like physics to turn your world upside down! During Freaky Physics, kids will be able to create their own slime, make a circuit and motorized “drawing-bot”, and even create gas that’s heavier than the air around it. Freaky Physics ends in a rousing competition between teams to see who can make the highest tower using the properties of physics, of course!
  • Secrets of Ancient Egypt – Have you ever wondered how the Egyptians were able to build the pyramids or mummify bodies? This after-school science club from Science Explorers is extremely popular among kids who are fascinated with ancient Egypt. They’ll be able to mummify an apple, solve the riddle of hieroglyphs and tell the time using only the sun. It’s all possible when you know what the Egyptians knew!
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? – Grab your doctor’s bag and prepare to indulge in exploratory medicine in this series of five after-school science club workshops! They’ll discover how food is really broken down in the body, make blood they can eat and investigate a sheep’s brain. It’s a wonderful walk through the body that supports us every day!

Open the Doors to STEM-Supported, After-School Adventures

If your child’s elementary school in New Castle County, Wilmington or Kent County, DE currently offers Science Explorers programs, we invite you to sign your student up today. If Science Explorers isn’t on the menu of after-school science clubs, consider asking your school’s decision-makers to give us a call.

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